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Importance Of Exercise

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I would like to know the importance of exercising as a teen?
Signed: Importance Of Exercise

Dear Importance Of Exercise,


Exercise is not only important through your teen years, but throughout your whole life.

Regular physical activity keeps you healthy.

  • It can protect against heart problems. More Americans die each year from heart disease than any other ailment. Aerobic activity makes the heart pump more efficiently, which helps to lower blood pressure. It can also raise the level of "good" cholesterol, whose job is to remove excess fat from the blood stream. Studies have shown that fatty deposits have been detected in children as young as three and high blood pressure exists in 5 percent of youngsters. Although the majority of teenagers do not experience heart trouble, think of it as insurance for when you get older. If you make exercise a regular part of your routine now, there is a greater likelihood that it will remain part of your routine, as you get older.
  • Regular exercise helps you to maintain a healthy weight and helps your heart to work more efficiently.
  • Exercise is a great way to combat stress, and TeenHealthFX doesn?t have to tell you how stressful being a teenager can be. Unmanaged stress can cause muscle tightness, which can contribute to headaches, leg pain and stomachaches. Regular exercise can reduce tension and improve functioning.

When exercising remember each session should be preceded and followed by a gradual warm-up and cool down period. This can be accomplished by stretching a few minutes before and after exercise. Stretching is the best way to avoid injury and muscle soreness.

For more information on exercise, see Best Time To Exercise.  Also, if you are considering starting an exercise program see your doctor for medical clearance first.

Signed: TeenHealthFX