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Worried About 2nd Hand Marijuana Smoke

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Hi, Im concerned about the effects of second hand marijuana smoke. Recently I was at a concert at which there were people around me smoking marijuana. I didn't smoke any and tried to cover my nose as best i could for fear of second hand smoke. I havent smoked in over a year, but was worried because I am drug tested monthly. PLEASE HELP!! If i did get second hand smoke, how long would it stay in my system?
Signed: Worried About 2nd Hand Marijuana Smoke

Dear Worried About 2nd Hand Marijuana Smoke,


TeenHealthFX is glad that you chose not to smoke. It is often hard for teens (and adults, too) to resist peer pressure and to attend events where other people are participating in illegal or unhealthy activities.  Trying to find friends who share your interest in staying drug-free as well as activities that promote health behaviors may help to ensure that you can stick to your drug-free lifestyle.  


Second-hand marijuana smoke (that may or may not produce "a buzz") CAN show up on urine tests. But, it will only produce a positive result the first day or so after breathing in the smoke. Also, the smoke would have to be so thick that it would irritate the eyes of both smokers and passive smoke breathers. You did not specify why you get drug tested, but you could be risking a lot by exposing yourself to marijuana smoke.  Check out the answer to Curious-How Long Can Marijuana Be Detected in My System or National Institute on Drug Abuse.



Signed: TeenHealthFX