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Testes Size

Published: April 2, 2000
Dear TeenHealthFX,
You mentioned that a man's testes are about the same size and shape of an egg, but mine are not. They measure about 1.5 inches in length, and just under an inch in diameter. Is this normal? Please reply. I am very confused.
Signed: Testes Size

Dear Testes Size,


Because TeenHealthFX does not know your age, it is impossible to say whether or not the size of your testicles is normal. Also, you may not be measuring your testicles accurately. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor about this. Your doctor should be performing a testicular exam as part of your yearly physical. This can give you some reassurance that everything is fine.

Testicular size begins to increase around the age of 10 or 11 before other signs of puberty are noticeable. They continue to enlarge for several years. The shape and size of your testicles that TeenHealthFX gave in the question titled "Tender Testicles" are estimates. Each person differs and every male's testicles will not be the exact same shape and size. This said, if you are having any type of pain in your testicles or one hangs lower than the other or you feel something may be wrong, get it checked out by your doctor.

Try not to be afraid or embarrassed to talk to your doctor about your sexual health. This is an important part of growing up and your medical care is extremely important. It is good to learn how to talk to your doctor now. TeenHealthFX assures you that your doctor deals with these types of questions and can alleviate any fears that you may have.

Signed: TeenHealthFX