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How Long Will Growth Spurt Last

Published: June 01, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

Im 17 years old and im half way through puberty. My pubes are adult size, my penis is 7 inch erect and testicles have enlargened. I'm getting few hairs under my arm and i have some hair above my lip, there are quite thin so they are only noticable from close distance and im starting to get some sideburns and some tiny hair on my chin. I also noticed that I have gone taller for about 9 months before i was 5'4 now im 5'7 almost 5'8... Im 17 and i look about 14... i was wondering how long will a growth spurt last ? and im i developing properly ??

Dear How Long Will Growth Spurt Last,

From everything you described you sound like you are right on track. There is no alarm or bell that signals when puberty has started or finished. It starts at different times for different people and the timing depends mainly on a person’s genetic makeup.   Some guys will start going through puberty as early as 10 years old, and others may not show any signs of starting puberty until 14 or 15. Most guys will begin to see some growth of testicles by age 12, which is  the first sign that puberty has started. Once puberty starts, it usually lasts about 2-5 years.

If you have already begun to have facial hair develop then you should also be growing hair beneath your arms. However, some men do not grow much facial hair, therefore they may not grow a lot if hair under their arms either. This depends on the individual. A lot of men can continue to grow into their early twenties, but are generally finished by age 18.

If you have any questions or concerns, write them down and ask your doctor at your next visit. Adolescence is a time with tremendous amounts of change and growth. Your doctor would be knowledgeable of all the changes you would experience and education is part of his/her role. Remember there are no questions to embarrassing to ask.   


Signed: TeenHealthFX