7 Years Later Friend Threatening To Report Abuse

Published: April 30, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,

So a few of my family members were raped 7 years ago. they decided not to report it due to the fact that the person who had raped them was part of the family and was the primary if not only meal ticket for a lot of people. I slipped up and talked to someone in confidence thinking that they were my friend. they happened to be a military police and told me that they would not do anything about it because they were my friend and I didn't want anything done about it. everyone was happy and this situation has popped up again in 7 years. My friend went crazy and I now have a no contact order with him in fear that he might hurt me or worse. now he's threatening to start an investigation or report to the police what had happened if I don't become his friend again. He went into his database and looked up and found out all of my families contact information... addresses, phone numbers, and so forth. my question is can he legally do that? contact my family? and report what had happened 7 years ago to civilian police?

Dear 7 Years Later Friend Threatening To Report Abuse,

He has absolutely no right to look up your information and in doing so he either committed a crime or abused whatever privileges he had, which gave him access to this information. In either case he would and should face consequences for his actions.

If he reported the incident to the “civilian police,” they would easily recognize that his motivation is not in the the interest of the victims but manipulation on his part. A simple background check would reveal the “no contact order,”

It is imperative that you report this man to the police immediately. He is trying to black mail you with a situation that happened a long time ago but that is no doubt still painful for your family. The police are sensitive to this type of situation and are not going to act in a way that would traumatize the family all over.

Again, contact the police right away and report the harassment you have been receiving and request that they intervene.


Signed: TeenHealthFX