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Mom Says I am Bad at Math

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,


I am fourteen years old and considered very smart by my peers, yet my mother believes I am not intelligent enough to be put in the average math class for 9th grade. She believes math is a trouble point for me and wishes to put me in a class that I believe will not challenge me mentally. In this below-average class, I am most likely to be bored to tears and get A's, and in the average class, I am likely to be challenged and get B's and C's. I am a person who wishes to be challenged, and that is why all my other classes are honors and even Advanced Placement.  I have attempted to talk to my mother about this, but she continues to point out that I am not good at math, which I find very offensive, as even my peers that do not excel in their studies are taking the average class. How should I proposition to be moved into the class which I feel I should be in? Should I even try?

Signed: Mom Says I am Bad at Math

Dear Mom Says I am Bad at Math,


TeenHealthFX thinks it is great that you are willing to work hard and challenge yourself academically. Your mom may be worried that with all other advanced classes that you might become overwhelmed in a more difficult math class and it would detract from your other studies.

What you need is an outside opinion from someone who is familiar with your school work and ability. The most logical candidates would be either your guidance counselor or current math teacher.


Schedule an appointment with your Guidance counselor and explain the situation and let him/her know that you would like an honest assessment of what level math class you should be in. The guidance counselor can talk with your teacher(s) and then get back to you with a recommendation. At that point you could have another meeting with the guidance counselor and your mother and discuss the prevailing opinions and what would be the best choice for you.


You could also suggest to your mother that you be allowed to try the higher math class and that if it proves too difficult that you will be willing to drop down a level.




Signed: TeenHealthFX