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I Need Help Making A Decision About A Class At School

Published: September 22, 2014
Dear I Need Help Making A Decision About A Class At School,

Hi. I really need some help in making a decision at my school. I am a freshman and I take the highest level classes that you can take at my grade level. a few are CP 9th grade classes. In my CP American history class my grade is 133% so my teacher wants to put me in AP American history. This means I can get college credit as a freshman, saving my parents around $3,000. I'm not sure if I am ready for this class. if I switch now I wont be very far behind but the course load is heavy and for every chapter we finish we have to write an essay. My teacher and parents have faith that I will do well but I don't want to ruin my GPA by getting a B. basically my dilemma is 'do I take the easy A or work hard for a possibly lower grade (which would ruin my perfect GPA and my chance at valedictorian my senior year) and a chance for college credit.' Your input would be much appreciated.

Dear I Need Help Making A Decision About A Class At School,

Making choices can be difficult at times – especially when there is no perfect answer and either choice means sacrificing something. It sounds like your conflict is basically between how you feel about being in the running for valedictorian and how you feel about saving your parents $3,000.

To help in making this decision, FX recommends the following:

  • Think about which has more value to you – the possibility of being valedictorian or the possibility of saving $3,000.
  • Speak to your parents to find out where they are at about this. Would they support you either way or is money so tight that they would prefer you to take the AP class and get the college credit? If saving money is there main thing and your value lies in the GPA, then perhaps you could offer to take on paying that $3,000 since this is a choice you are making based on something you value.
  • Try this exercise: Flip a coin with heads being staying in your current CP class and tails being moving to the AP class. After you flip the coin and see the result, gauge your reaction. Are you pleased? Are you disappointed? FX is not suggesting that you use a coin toss to come up with your final decision. But by observing your reaction to the idea of a “final choice,” it might help you to come up with what you really want to do.

If you continue to have trouble coming up with an answer on your own, then FX recommends that you speak with your parents, your school counselor or any other trusted adult about the conflict you are experiencing so they can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make a final decision.