Keys To A Good Friendship

  1. Pick people who have similar interests as you, so you have things in common, but don't rule out people who aren't exactly like you, it's good to keep an open mind.
  2. Remember the Golden Rule - treat others the way you would like to be treated. If you respect others, others will respect you.
  3. Realize that nobody's perfect, everybody has quirks and flaws, and accepting each other's flaws is key to a good friendship.
  4. Value each other's opinions.
  5. Realize that even the best of friends can't be together 24/7. Develop other interests and don't be jealous when your friend has other interests as well.
  6. Communication is really important, your friend can't read your mind, if something is affecting your friendship, tell him/her.
  7. Don't let outside factors like stress affect your friendship. A good friend will let you vent to them, but don?t just use them to vent?and you should be ready to listen in return.
  8. Learn from each other.
  9. Don't talk behind your friend's back.
  10. Choose your words wisely, because you can never take them back.