Studying & Test Taking

  1. Use good time management techniques.
  2. Make note cards and highlight the key points in your notes. 
  3. If you are confused with a particular subject, talk to your teacher, a friend, or refer to power points for each class. 
  4. Schedule your study time giving yourself enough time for each subject.
  5. Avoid cramming or learning it all at one time.
  6. Always start studying a few nights before the test.
  7. Study when you are awake and alert.
  8. Try to study without distractions, such as TV, music, or other loud noises. Consider turning off your phone while you study so you won't bothered by texts or incoming calls.
  9. Try to relieve stress before studying. See our tips – 10 Ways To De-Stress Your Life.
  10. Give yourself a break between school and studying. Do something to clear your mind first.