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Olive Girls With Noticeable Chest Hair

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Help!!! I have hair thin hair growing between my breast and I am a GIRL!!! Is this normal and will it go away? What if more grows? How do I get rid of it? And I have noticed that my friend who is also a girl has hair growing on the upper part of her chest, not the breast but before the breast-not that I like other girls or was intentionally looking but she was wearing a shirt that showed the upper part of her chest!!! Could it be that because all girls have a little hair on their chest and you can't see it, but because of our olive skin color that it is just more noticeable on us or are we the only ones with this strange problem? Please Help!
Signed: Olive Girls With Noticeable Chest Hair

Dear Olive Girls With Noticeable Chest Hair,


You are correct - individuals with darker skin complexions will tend to have darker body hair, or they will have more noticeable light colored body hair. For instance, when you see someone who has just returned form a week long vacation at the beach, their skin is brown and their body hair blonder and more noticeable. Both men and women have chest hair, men accumulate more than women ever do. When women begin to go through puberty their hormones increase causing little black hairs to grow on and around their nipples. This is completely normal and you are certainly not the only one with this "strange problem."


A person's body hair is noticeable more in some areas than in others. TeenHealthFX does not suggest that you shave or wax the hair in this area, as it is very sensitive and the hair will grow back. If you have small individual hairs growing on your nipple you can either pluck or cut them so they are less noticeable, often times they may not grow back.

Certain ethnic background tend to have thicker, darker body hair. Check out your mom, sisters, and aunts to see what their hair pattern is.


It is possible that you have excessive body hair if you have thick dark hairs growing on the middle of your chest, and/or chin, mustache areas and lower abdomen. This can be a medical condition and you may want to consider seeing a doctor who can evaluate whether the hair pattern is abnormal. If you live in northern New Jersey and need a doctor, please call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center For Health at (973) 889.6350.

Signed: TeenHealthFX