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Welcome / is your online resource for any and all questions regarding your health, your relationships, your body and your sexuality. While this site is informative, it's not a substitute for talking to your doctor and your parents.....

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Yik Yak: A Good Or Bad Thing


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Adolescent Health: Think. Act. Grow. (TAG) Read

Careers In Healthcare

Interested in becoming a DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHER? What do you need to know about these careers in healthcare?  Read More

Teacher Lesson Guides

These lesson guides can be used as assets to your curriculum, providing additional information, discussion questions and resources on various topics related to teen health.

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Looking for a place to get good nutrition and fitness information for teens? is the place to go.

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Think Like a Pancreas /

Check out, our sister site geared toward teens with Type 1 diabetes.

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Watch What TeenHealthFX Is Doing Now!

See how teen dating violence can take shape in the film short

Crazy About You 

by, Glenn Martorana, and Gerard Zarra.

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Health & Illness quiz

  • Teens are more at risk to be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome than they have been in the past.

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  • There are special considerations involved for teens living with type 1 diabetes when it comes to driving.

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  • The web is a good resource for diagnosing medical problems.

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  • Brushing and flossing regularly, limiting certain types of foods, and regular visits to the dentist are all important ways to take care of your teeth and gums.

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  • For those with oily skin and who are prone to breakouts, the more you wash your skin, the better.

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Want to find out what's going on at Atlantic Health System? Check out information about volunteering and other programs.

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