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Marijuana & Elevated Liver Enzymes

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Is it possible for marijuana to raise one's liver enzymes?
Signed: Marijuana & Elevated Liver Enzymes

Dear Marijuana & Elevated Liver Enzymes,


TeenHealthFX wonders why you would this question, but here's the answer and some added information:


Marijuana does not usually cause an elevation of liver enzymes, but many other drugs can do this. Even if a person thinks they are using pure marijuana, it could be mixed with other drugs that might be toxic. Beware of marijuana (any drug for that matter, including alcohol)! For more information on marijuana, alcohol or drug use, see High Times, Alcohol Truths, Marijuana's Permanent Side Effects and Alcohol Abuser and ask other questions.


If you are concerned about your use of marijuana, drugs or alcohol, get help from a doctor, parent or hospital that has a substance abuse program. If you cannot find a trusted adult to talk to and live in Northern New Jersey, please contact the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at (973) 971.5199. If you live outside of Northern New Jersey, please call Alcoholics Anonymous or Marijuana Anonymous @ 1.800.766.6779.

Signed: TeenHealthFX