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How Bad Is Taking 2mg Of Xanax?

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Okay im 18 and i tried Xanax for the first time recently and i took 2mg. How bad is taking 2mg of Xanax? I want to keep doing it cause i like it and the feeling was amazing but what am i getting myself into with Xanax? Is it really that bad of a drug?
Signed: How Bad Is Taking 2mg Of Xanax?

Dear How Bad Is Taking 2mg Of Xanax?,


Xanax (the generic name is Alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are depressants that can be used therapeutically to do such things as produce sedation, induce sleep, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms, and prevent seizures. Xanax is a type of anti-anxiety medication (also known as anxiolytics) which is very potent and short-acting, and is prescribed for treating panic disorders, anxiety disorders, and anxiety caused by depression.

 Xanax can be habit forming and have serious side effects including memory impairment, dizziness, coordination problems, constipation, increased appetite, weight changes and even depression.  If taken by a woman during her pregnancy, Xanax can cause serious harm to the baby. 

 TeenHealthFX would not at all recommend that you to take this medication in any form or dosage unless you have talked to a physician about it and a physician has recommended and prescribed the drug for you. A doctor needs to determine whether or not you have symptoms that warrant this drug being prescribed, needs to assess whether there are any contraindications to your taking this drug, and needs to follow-up with you as you take this medication so that any side-effects of the drug can be monitored and reversed, if necessary.

If you have symptoms of anxiety that require treatment, FX strongly recommends you meet with a therapist for a mental health consultation, as well as a psychiatrist to determine whether or not you could benefit from psychotropic medications. If you are interested in Xanax as a recreational drug, FX strongly urges you to consider what is going on in your life right now – life circumstances or thoughts/moods you are experiencing – that is motivating you to want to use prescription drugs in this way, and to talk to a trusted adult about it.


If you live in northern New Jersey and need help finding a therapist you can call the Access Center from Atlantic Behavioral Health at 888-247-1400. Outside of this area you can log onto the US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website for referrals in your area. You can also contact your insurance company to get a list of in-network mental health providers or check with your school social worker or psychologist to get a list of referrals in your area.

If you don't have a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at 973-971-6475 for an appointment or contact your local teen health center. You can also contact your insurance company for a list of in-network providers.

Signed: TeenHealthFX