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Bullied At New School

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
helo there i am from russia and i move to enland few weks ago. enland beautiful place but bully at scool keep macking fun of my aksent and he make bad names about russia. he aswell keep calling me nikolai that not my name. i deeply hurt and i still only hav 2 freinds. plaese help (i am sorry if my enlish is bad but i think i get it ok most)
Signed: Bullied At New School

Dear Bullied At New School,


TeenHealthFX is glad that you took your first step in reaching out for help. Dealing with a bullying peer can be an extremely difficult and upsetting thing – so FX can understand how hurtful this has been for you. FX thinks that it is very important for you to talk to your parents right away about what this bully at school has been doing to you, and that you, your parents, and some key staff members at school (such as some of your teachers, the school principal, guidance counselors) meet to discuss what can be done about the situation. It is important for your parents and some staff members at school to intervene with this and ensure that this bully stops harassing you. If bullying and intolerance towards people of different ethnic backgrounds seems to be a general problem at your new school, your family might also suggest that the school look into some programs to help increase tolerance and acceptance of others.

FX also thinks it could be helpful for you to talk to your two friends about what is going on. Friends can be a wonderful source of support – and they might even some good suggestions of how to deal with this particular bully. Now is definitely the time to lean on people who can be there for you with support and guidance – friends, your parents, and the staff members at your school.

Also consider some of the following resources for you and your parents:

·         KidsHealth: Helping Kids Deal with Bullies

·         Mayo Clinic: Bullying: Help your child handle a school bully

Signed: TeenHealthFX