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Stop Yellow Teeth

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
How do I stop yellow teeth? Brushing doesn't seem to be enough. I try baking soda, but that tastes like salt water. I scrub and scrub for like 30 minutes just to have pearly whites. What am I doing wrong!!!
Signed: Stop Yellow Teeth

Dear Stop Yellow Teeth,


Our teeth go through a lot and we do not even realize it. Many of us will subject them to coffee, cola, cigarette smoke, alcohol, acidic juices and highly pigmented foods. Our teeth tell the tale in the form of stains.


Because it is hard to give up that one extra cup of coffee or drink one less can of coke, there are other things you can try to at least slow down the staining process. Use toothpastes that have baking soda and hydrogen peroxide; it does work if you use it regularly and do these other things: clean your teeth immediately after eating. Ideally, this means brushing your teeth the old fashioned way. This is not always easy though. If that is the case, excuse yourself to the bathroom and swish and spit a mouthful of water. This is a quick and easy way of removing those little particles of food from your teeth. In no way does it replace the toothbrush though!

Other ways to fight stains include the use of an electric toothbrush. It pushes more of the stain-collecting plaque off your teeth. Electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than manual brushing does. Mouthwashes that have antibacterial action will reduce stain-catching plaque. You are probably tempted to try one of those super whitening tooth polishes, but try to keep that to a minimum. It's a quick fix, the end result is great, but it is very harsh on your teeth. You definitely should not be scrubbing excessively; it really does not do much and actually can be just as harsh as the whitening stuff.


Bottom line, go regularly to your dentist, and if you clean your teeth regularly and conscientiously, you really do have less chance of keeping stains on your teeth.

For more information on good dental hygiene, please check out Want Pearly White Teeth, Suffering From Teeth Cavities and the American Dental Association.

Signed: TeenHealthFX