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Pubic Hair Around The Anus

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,


I really need help with this. My girlfriend is worried about pubic hair around her anus. I told her its normal and I'm pretty sure it is. She says she's disgusted by it. Is it normal for women to shave and/or wax the anal area?   I really want to help my girlfriend with this and solve her problem so an answer on this would be extremely helpful please.

Signed: Pubic Hair Around The Anus

Dear Pubic Hair Around The Anus,


TeenHealthFX is glad that your girlfriend has you there to reassure her about this. Having pubic hair that extends around the anus is perfectly normal and very common. If your girlfriend is really bothered by it, she can certainly shave or wax the area. To learn more about techniques of shaving and waxing (especially the importance of getting bikini waxes professionally done for people new to waxing), you can suggest that your girlfriend reads “Too Much Pubic Hair! How Do I Get Rid Of It?” and “Shaving Pubic Hair” or some of the other questions in the Pubic Hair section under Sexuality and Sexual Health section of the website

Signed: TeenHealthFX