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Best Methods To Remove Male Pubic Hair

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
i know there are other posts about this topic but i am really curious. I am a 17 year old boy and am very hairy around my pubic area, especially my anus. Ive tried shaving but i find it irritating. Im thinking about waxing but i fear thats really weird and awkward if done professionaly. It is a problem that makes me uncomfortable and would really like to solve it. Do i have any other options? Signed, get rid of pubic hair
Signed: Best Methods To Remove Male Pubic Hair

Dear Best Methods To Remove Male Pubic Hair,


If you have found that shaving is too irritating to the skin in your genital area, then FX suggests the following:

1.      Read the steps we have listed below in terms of trimming/shaving the genital area and make sure that you are following these steps and guidelines to ensure the least irritation possible to the area.

2.      If following the steps we have listed does not work, consider getting a wax by a professional. It is very possible to hurt the skin while waxing if you are not familiar with what you are doing, so FX strongly recommends that any of our readers who are considering waxing any part of their bodies use a professional who has lots of experience, is with a reputable establishment, and (ideally) comes personally recommended. There was a time that waxing was something used by mainly women, but more and more men these days are using waxing services for their eyebrows, backs and genital area. If you call a salon to inquire about waxing services, simply ask if they perform bikini waxes on men. A bikini waxing can feel uncomfortable initially for the men and women who first try it – but know that the person performing is a professional and, if they are experienced, they should be very comfortable and professional in what they are doing.


Trimming the male pubic area:

1.      Wash the pubic region thoroughly with soap and water

2.      Dry the penis and scrotum thoroughly with a towel

3.      Shave off the excess pubic hair. Use the “low” setting on the electric shaver until you reach the desired length of pubic hair.

4.      Carefully trim the rest of the pubic hair with a pair of sharp trimming scissors. Be very careful not to pierce or cut any of the skin in the area.

5.      Wash the pubic area again with soap and water.


Shaving the male pubic area:

1.      Wash the pubic area with soap and water

2.      Dry the pubic area thoroughly with a towel.

3.      Shave off any excess pubic hair with an electric shaver first. Get as close as possible to the skin without having to cut along the very root of the hairs.

4.      Apply a small amount of shaving cream or shaving lubricant on the hair and shave around the genitals with a razor. Remember that the skin along the pubic area, especially at the base of the penis and scrotum, is thinner compared to the rest of the body – so take care not to wound or cut the area. Do not use a razor directly on the penis or scrotum as you can easily cut yourself in these areas risking pain and possible infections.

5.      Wash and rinse off the area.

6.      Moisturize the area with (preferably) an unscented lotion.


Additional tips for shaving:

·         Use a good shaving cream. Dermatologists generally recommend a product that is fragrance-free, and that is formulated for sensitive and irritated skin, as well as skin that is prone to razor bumps. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend a good brand.

·         Consider using a shaving oil. Shaving oil works as a barrier on the skin – the razor will glide more easily instead of dragging, and the area will also be well moisturized. This can help prevent razor burns, general irritation, and ingrown hairs.

·         Stay away from straight, cheap disposable razors and use razors with a pivoting head and multiple blades for the smoothest, closest shave.

·         Taking a warm shower or bath prior to shaving can be very helpful. Using at least 10 minutes of heat with help to soften the skin and relax the hair follicle.

·         Another option for trimming the pubic hair (if you want to leave it trimmed or shave after the trimming): Place a comb flat on the skin and trim over the comb with scissors or clippers using the shortest guard.

·         When shaving, go in the same direction as the hair growth and then in the opposite direction while holding the skin taut. Do not go over the same area too many times. Again, only shave the skin around your genitals, not your penis and scrotum.

·         Use a clipper with a guard to trim hair short on the genitals – do not use the razor.

·         Rinse the blade of the razor between strokes as clogged razors will not work as well.

·         Use a small hand-held mirror if you need help seeing what you are doing.

Signed: TeenHealthFX