FX Answers

This is the place to go for answers if you have questions about education, how TeenHealthFX works or anything else that doesn't fit in with our other categories.

Emotional Health
Is it just the blues or do I really have depression? What is an eating disorder? Was I raped? For all the answers to questions about your moods and emotions, this is the place to look.

Sexuality & Sexual Health
Everyone has questions about their (or someone else's) sexuality and this is the place to find the answers with out being embarrassed. Really!

Dating, Family & Friends
Parent problems? Boyfriend or girlfriend issues? Is this relationship okay for me? Answers to these and other relationship questions are posted here.

Health & Illness
Is your skin not cooperating with you? Having aches and pains? Worried that you might have a disease? Hair thinning? Answers to these and other questions are posted here.

Sports & Nutrition
Am I tall enough? How do I eat right? What's a good workout routine? Answers to these and other questions related to nutrition, growth and development and exercise/sports are posted here.

Alcohol, Cigarettes & Drugs
Questions and answers to all your substance questions; about how they affect you and where you can get help.

For Teens by Teens
Teen Tips is an area completely developed by teens who work on the TeenHealthFX Teen Advisory Committee.