Does THC Show Up On a General Blood Test?

Published: October 04, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Will THC show up on a general blood test?
Signed: Does THC Show Up On a General Blood Test?

Dear Does THC Show Up On a General Blood Test?,

Yes, THC will show up in general blood work.  With single use, it typically remains in the blood for 12-24 hours but with regular use, it can stay in the blood from 2-7 days.  Keep in mind also, that THC can be detected in urine as well. With single use, it can be found in the urine for 1-7 days, but with regular use up to 3 months.  Essentially, it is all depends on the amount that is used and the regularity of use.  

TeenHealthFX is not exactly sure why you are asking this, however, we do recommend learning about the consequences of marijuana use is you are currently using marijuana or thinking about trying it. You can find detailed information about marijuana on the NIDA for Teens website.  

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