Cocaine and Accutane

Published: January 06, 2020
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I’m 17, and I know the effects of cocaine, and I am aware it’s not good for the body. The Saturday night I was at a party and took a bump of coke, I get my blood drawn tomorrow because I am starting accutane, will that show up on my blood test, or are they not looking for that?
Signed: Cocaine and Accutane

Dear Cocaine and Accutane,

The brand name Accutane is no longer available in the United States and is now sold under different brand names such as Zenatane, Myorisan, Claravis, Amnesteem, and Absorica. This prescription is a very serious medication used to treat severe acne. It requires careful consideration by you and your doctor before taking this medication. Even though the blood tests are not specifically testing for them, cocaine and other drugs will cause major health problems while taking Accutane. In addition, it is extremely important to tell your doctor about all other prescription and over the counter medicines (including supplements) you are taking as they can also greatly increase your risk for negative side effects. 

The blood tests for Accutane are mandatory and for good reason. Medline Plus explains these tests measure your lipid panel (cholesterol and triglycerides), liver function, kidney function and pregnancy. Blood tests done monthly are to make sure that Accutane is not causing permanent damage and/or for your lipid panel results to spike dangerously high.  If the results show an increase, your doctor may prescribe the lowest dose or have you stop taking the medication. It is also important to make sure you tell your doctor about ALL side effects you experience while taking Accutane. 

TeenHealthFX would also like to mention that taking Accutane while pregnant can cause loss of pregnancy or serious birth defects. Doctors strongly recommend the use of two forms of birth control to prevent accidental pregnancy from occurring. Medline Plus also explains that all patients must register with the iPLEDGE program and get Accutane from a registered doctor of iPLEDGE to receive it from the pharmacy. 

Signed: TeenHealthFX