I Am Angry For No Reason. Is This Normal?

Published: November 21, 2020
Dear TeenHealthFX,
dear FX i'm angry for no actual reason, and it's annoying. i get angry at one of my best friends from primary school, but she's not doing anything specifically annoying. she just says something normal, and it makes me feel so angry. i have the same problem woth my mom, but less. i'm quite sure i'm not depressed, because i'm usually a very happy and positive person. but i don't know why i get so angry at them, while they're doing nothing wrong! iand after, i feel guilty because i get angry at them, and i sometimes act unfairly and impatiently. what can i do and is this normal for teens? (i'm 14)
Signed: I Am Angry For No Reason. Is This Normal?

Dear I Am Angry For No Reason. Is This Normal?,

Increased mood swings are common, and normal during adolescence. Your body is going through hormonal shifts that cause many physical and emotional changes. Under normal circumstances it is very difficult for a teenager to understand or control their emotions. Given the circumstances right now with COVID, many teens and even adults are under a lot of stress which can also result in anger outbursts.

We strongly recommend reaching out to a parent or other trusted adult and talk to them about how you have been feeling.  In addition, we recommend trying to use coping skills such as deep breathing, meditating, journaling or even going for a walk. Try doing something that you enjoy or taking a minute to breathe before responding to someone. You are not alone in your feelings and reaching out to someone can help.  

Signed: TeenHealthFX