What Can Be Side Effects of Medication?

Published: December 31, 2019
Dear TeenHealthFX,
dear fx, what can be the side effects of medication such as mood balancers, anti deppression pills and adhd medication? and are they all really safe to take for young kids like me (female, 14) and what positive sides would they have effecting young ones like me?
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Dear What Can Be Side Effects of Medication?,

When a medical professional prescribes medications, they are doing so to treat specific conditions and illnesses. All medications whether prescription or non-prescription (over-the counter) can have positive and negative side effects. 

You mention mood enhancers, antidepressants, and ADHD medications. According to ChildMind.org , when prescribed the proper dosage and mix of medications, some of the positive effects are increased alertness and attention, stabilized mood swings and less impulsivity. On the other hand, negative effects that some may experience can be loss of appetite, nausea/upset stomach, sleep problems, and/or mood changes even when taking the proper dose.  When a doctor prescribes these medications, he/she believes the positives outweigh the negatives. 

We recommend that you keep track of your side effects while taking these medications and to report them back to your doctor. Frequently, the negative side effects do go away as your body adjusts to the new medicines. However, it is still critical your doctor become aware of what is going on.  Even if you find yourself having negative reactions to medicine it is very important to continue taking them and call your doctor right away.  

As a young healthcare consumer, TeenHealth encourages you to talk to your parents and/or another trusted adult and the doctor who is prescribing the medication.  You want to be as informed as you can and have all your questions answered. Open and honest communication between you, your parents and your doctor are key to being as healthy as possible. Remember, take all medication only as directed by the doctor.  

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