My Daughter's Friend Talks to Me About Her Emotional Problems

Published: November 09, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
A friend of my daughter's (13)has been a cutter. She sees the school councilor but she also talks to me when she is stressed and/or pressured. It seems to calm hER and she is releaved to have some one she can contact 24/7 to talk to. We never meet in person and we are both female so there is nothing sexual at all. She is not comfortable talking to her parents. I am wondering if this is legal. I am very concerned for her and it seems to fill a need for her. I encourage her to tell her councilor about anything and everything bothering her. But she isn't available after school or weekends and I am. My daughter knows nothing about this and I am not going to tell her. I would certainly contact authorities if I felt she was going to hurt herself again or anyone else.
Signed: My Friend's Daughter Talks to Me About Her Emotional Problems

Dear My Friend's Daughter Talks to Me About Her Emotional Problems,

TeenHealthFX appreciates your concern. While your role in this situation seems to be beneficial to this teen's emotional health, it is not your responsibility to be available 24/7 as a mental health resource. Since this girl has indicated self harm, it is important that she receives help from a licensed professional who is available for treatment more often than the school counselor currently is.   

Since this teen has indicated that she is not comfortable talking to her parents, it is best to contact the school principal and school counselor his/herself, and explain that this girl is in need of further treatment. Either of these parties will be able to refer you to another therapist whose schedule aligns closely with this teen's. This professional may also recommend community support groups that the girl can join.  

TeenHealthFX understands that the thought of contacting these parties may be uncomfortable, however feels that it is the best decision in order to ensure this teen's safety.  

Signed: TeenHealthFX