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How Can I Get Others in School Interested in a Mandarin Club?

Published: April 22, 2018
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I take Mandarin at my high school, and I've had a passion for learning Mandarin ever since I started taking the language in sixth grade. I have a vision of starting a Mandarin language and culture club at my school, and over the summer, I came up with a list of about 50 ideas that I could use for activities if I were to start a Mandarin club. My friend voiced her willingness to help start a Mandarin club with me, but in order to start the club, I would need to have a teacher running the program with me; there's only one Mandarin teacher at the high school, and she has gotten a lot of complaints from students and parents. I know that no one else would want to join the club, but this is a passion of mine. What do I do? Should I try to appeal to people using the whole " it'll look good for college" phrase? How should I go about getting people interested to start the club?
Signed: How Can I Get Others in School Interested in a Mandarin Club?

Dear How Can I Get Others in School Interested in a Mandarin Club?,

If you want to get other students involved in this club, then FX would focus on things that might make it interesting for them. Out of the many ideas you came up with, which ones might be the best to focus on to draw people in initially? If you need a teacher to head-up the club, consider what teacher in the school would be willing and speak to that teacher about how to get students to join the club. You might also have a conversation with your principal about it.

If you try to start up a club at your school and it doesn’t work, don’t let that deter you. Perhaps you can find another way to immerse yourself in your passion.

Signed: TeenHealthFX