Can TeenHealthFX Find an Easier Alternative to reCAPTCHA?

Published: October 10, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Will you please find an easier alternative to reCAPTCHA? It is almost impossible to use and extremely frustrating for someone who already has a major problem. It constantly changes and is very confusing and annoying. It is also loaded with error messages. Another big issue is that there is no time to look over what you write and make sure that you don't leave anything out because the verification immediately expires. I couldn't send a question to you because reCAPTCHA wouldn't let me through no matter how many times I tried. What happened to just checking the box that says that you're not a robot? All of the letters that you get prove that we're humans, anyway.
Signed: Can TeenHealthFX Find an Easier Alternative to reCAPTCHA?

Dear Can TeenHealthFX Find an Easier Alternative to reCAPTCHA?,

TeenHealthFX appreciates your feedback. Our team uses reCAPTCHA as a security system to prevent spam on our website.

We have noted your suggestions and will investigate further, so we can eliminate error messages teenagers receive when submitting questions.

In order to avoid the issue of forgetting parts to your question(s), TeenHealthFX recommends you type your question on a separate document, such as Microsoft Word, so you can easily transfer your complete question to

Signed: TeenHealthFX