Coronavirus (COVID-19): My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sneak Out. What Do I Do?

Published: April 20, 2020
Dear TeenHealthFX,
My boyfriend wants me to sneak out of the house to see him, but I’m scared to get in trouble, especially because of the virus. What should I tell him?
Signed: My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sneak Out. What Do I Do?

Dear My Boyfriend Wants Me To Sneak Out. What Do I Do?,


TeenhealthFX understands the pressure you may be feeling from your boyfriend; however, it is not ok to be pressured into something you do not feel is safe. We recommend telling your boyfriend how you feel and explaining to him that not only will you get in trouble, but it is especially dangerous to do so at this time. Since we are practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, any time someone leaves the house it can put your family members at risk for contracting the virus. It could also put your boyfriend’s family at risk as well.


We also understand how difficult it is not to see each other during this time. It is a good idea to utilize social apps and resources available to virtually see each other. One way to “see” each other is to do a Netflix Party or a video date while watching the same movie or show at the same time. Another fun way to “see” each other and spend quality time is to play virtual games against each other. You can even include your friends in the games to make it competitive. Even though it may feel like COVID-19 is not going away, as long as everyone follows the guidelines by the CDC, things will eventually go back to normal.  


Signed: TeenHealthFX