Coronavirus (COVID-19): I Am A Senior. What About Graduation?

Published: April 24, 2020
Dear TeenHealthFX,
It is my senior year and I probably won't have a graduation. I am worried about COVID but I am really bummed I wont be able to get my diploma. Do you think our schools can postpone graduation and do it at another time? What will they do?
Signed: I Am A Senior. What About Graduation?

Dear I Am A Senior. What About Graduation?,

We are faced with unprecedented times and no one is sure what the future holds. Government and public health officials are working hard to keep communities safe. School administrators and teachers are being very creative as they had to quickly adapt to the challenges of school closures and online learning.


TeenHealthFX knows that all seniors look forward to their graduation day. It’s a rite of passage and time to celebrate. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. All the decisions being made are for the well-being of all the students, their families and community.  Have you reached out to your school to find out the plan for graduation?  Will it be postponed, or done virtually?  This is a perfect opportunity for you and your friends to come up ideas you can present to school administrators on how to recognize you and all your classmates.



Signed: TeenHealthFX