Do I Need to Mention Taking Valium for 2 Days in My Medical History?

Published: October 26, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
hi i took a low dosage of valium for 2 days in july is it ok to leave this out of my medical history or could it cause complications
Signed: Do I Need to Mention Taking Valium for 2 Days in My Medical History?

Dear Do I Need to Mention Taking Valium for 2 Days in My Medical History?,

Informing your doctor of your medical history is important. TeenHealthFX is unsure why you are visiting your doctor, however reminds you that there is never “too much” information that you can provide during your visit. It is important that any medical health professionals who treats you be aware of your medical history so this can be taken into consideration if your doctor ever wants to prescribe some kind of medication for you in the future. For the sake of your physical and emotional well-being, you do not want your doctor to prescribe you something that could contribute to drug abuse.

FX is concerned as to why you took valium. Teenagers should not take valium unless prescribed by a doctor, as it is highly addictive. Side effects of valium abuse may include:

  • Slower brain activity
  • Uncoordinated sensation
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty breathing


Based on the information you have provided; it seems that you are no longer taking valium. However, in addition to informing a trusted adult about this situation, TeenHealthFX suggests seeking professional help to eliminate any possibility of abusing the drug in the future.

If you live in northern New Jersey and need help finding a therapist you can call the Access Center from Atlantic Behavioral Health at 888-247-1400. Outside of this area you can log onto the US Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website for referrals in your area. You can also contact the National Institute on Drug Abuse & Alcoholism at 1-888-644-6432 for more information.

For more information on prescription drug abuse, as well as information on other illicit drugs, as they pertain to teens, please go to NIDA for Teens

Signed: TeenHealthFX