Is It Okay to Walk Without Crutches With a Grade 1 Sprain?

Published: January 09, 2018
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I sprained my ankle playing soccer. At first it was really difficult to walk but I did anyway but now it still hurts when I do but not as bad. I didn’t like using crutches and still don’t because I just end up feeling bad about myself and weak. Is it okay for to walk without them and will I still heal? I checked online and they said it was only a grade 1 sprain
Signed: Is It Okay to Walk Without Crutches With a Grade 1 Sprain?

Dear Is It Okay to Walk Without Crutches With a Grade 1 Sprain?,

After a sprain, crutches are usually provided when walking without them is too painful. Most doctors will recommend that once you can put weight on the foot, to do away with the crutches. The most important part is to listen to your body and the amount of pain you are experiencing. If you are slowly getting better, then you can continue to gradually increase activity as long as you are not experiencing pain more frequently or more intensely. When not walking, elevating and icing the ankle could be helpful. If the ankle starts to hurt more with walking, then it is important to check in with the doctor treating your sprain to make sure the sprain is not getting worse.

All that said, if you are able to put weight on your foot without experiencing intense pain and you feel your ankle and pain are gradually getting better, as opposed to staying the same or getting worse, then it sounds like you are headed in a good direction. But if your pain and the condition of the ankle is staying the same or getting worse, then please check in with your doctor. While FX can appreciate that it has been hard for you to depend on the crutches, please keep in mind what it could mean for your long-term health to let your feelings about this get in the way of doing what you need to heal properly.  

Signed: TeenHealthFX