10 Tips to Take Charge of Your Health

1.      Understand health literacy and why it is important.

2.      Have annual or bi-yearly visits with your primary care doctor, eye doctor, and dentist.

3.      Talk to your doctor, depending on your age, you may be able to talk to him/her alone.

4.      Ask questions. “Is _____ normal?” “What is wrong with me?”  are questions doctors hear all the time. DON’T WORRY!!

5.      Practice reading medicine labels.

6.      Eat smart and exercise.

7.      Avoid drugs and alcohol.

8.      Practice good hygiene even if you are remote learning.

9.      Find time to relax and activities that make you happy.

10.  If you need help emotionally, mentally, or physically ASK.   Your parents, teachers, school counselors, and other trusted adults can help you get the support you need.