Coronavirus: Tips To Stay Calm


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has put together some really great tips on how to stay calm during the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Take care of yourself:

  •  Eat healthy and exercise.
  •  Make sure you get enough sleep. 
  •  Practice good hygiene.

Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth).

Always wash your hands with soap and water.

Take media breaks:

  • Avoid watching tv or believing everything you read on social.

Do activities you enjoy:

  • Read a book
  •  Binge watch a show on Netflix
  •  Do some yoga
  • Anything that brings you happiness.

Use technology to your advantage:

  • Text/Video Chat
  • Facetime
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok  
  • Make it fun!

Talk with family or friends about what worries you:

  • Chances are they are concerned too and you all can work on it together.

Try to keep a regular routine:

  • By staying on schedule, it will prevent you from being overwhelmed and behind on your classwork when school resumes.