How To Boost Self-Esteem and Self-Love

Did you know that February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month?

In addition, it’s the time of year where you see all the Valentine’s day items in stores.

This year, we challenge you to start taking care of yourself and to show yourself the same amount of love and support you’d show other people.

Here are 8 tips: 

1.       Positive Self Talk. If you think something negative about yourself, challenge yourself to 2 positive thoughts instead.

2.       Write 5 things you like about yourself or things you are good at.

3.       Write 3 things you are thankful for before bed.

4.       Set small, realistic goals.

5.       Sleep.

6.       Take a break from social media.

7.       Laugh. Watch a comedy.  

8.       Take pride in how much you already have accomplished. Things are not always easy, but you just keep swimming. 😊