I Hate Fruits and Veggies. Any Tips to Hide Them in Foods?

Published: February 05, 2021
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I have always hated fruits and veggies. As I get older I know I need them especially for sports. Any trips to hiding them in foods or getting the nutrients without having to force myself to eat them?
Signed: I Hate Fruits and Veggies. Any Tips to Hide Them in Foods?

Dear I Hate Fruits and Veggies. Any Tips to Hide Them in Foods?,

TeenHealthFX understands how you feel. Many people believe that as you get older you learn to like fruits and vegetables, but the truth is some people never outgrow their dislike of them. Luckily there are many ways you can include fruits and veggies into your meals without really tasting them!

One way to add some fruits and veggies into your diet is to make a fruit smoothie. Frozen fruits and veggies with some yogurt and/milk are a great way to eat healthy and feel full. One suggestion is to make a strawberry banana smoothie with some spinach in it. Blend it until smooth. You won’t even taste the spinach and you will receive all the benefits it has to offer. Click here for even more recipes from MyPlate. 

Another way to add in some veggies is to try different cooking techniques. Some veggies taste great when cooked with some butter and salt. This will help make them taste better and will not cancel out the nutrients. In addition, if you (or your parents) make sauce or even meatballs, you can puree the vegetables and add them into the mix. Also, another way to cook them is to grill or roast them in the oven. This can make them soft and reduce the texture that many people do not like.

Lastly, continue to try different fruits and vegetables. There are many varieties out there and even though you may not like one type, there is a good chance you will like a different one. Keep trying and including different cooking methods. You may end up surprising yourself on some of the fruits and vegetables you actually do like! Good luck!

Signed: TeenHealthFX