I Am Torn Between Loneliness and Principles. Any Advice?

Published: March 22, 2021
Dear TeenHealthFX,
hi tfx, okay so a few of my friends have been starting to date girls (most of the people in my friend group are into girls), and I realised that I've been lonely, and maybe I want a boyfriend/girlfriend too (i really don't know what gender I'm into tbh). so the obvious thing would be to go on dating sites, look for someone. but I've always believed that the person ill end up with probably won't be found on dating sites, but irl. maybe in my school, or in dance class, or whatever. but its a principle, you know what I mean? so I'm torn between my loneliness and principles. do you guys have any advice?
Signed: I Am Torn Between Loneliness and Principles. Any Advice?

Dear I Am Torn Between Loneliness and Principles. Any Advice?,

TeenHealthFX understands the pressure you may be feeling to start dating. Even though it feels like you need to start dating, it is really up to you to make that decision. In addition, it is also pretty common not to know who are into in your teen years. In fact, many adults still aren’t sure. We have answered quite a few questions related to sexuality and can be found here.

Based on the information you provided us, there really is no need to go on dating sites right now. As you mentioned, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people in school, dance classes, or a place you least expect it. Keeping your standards is important and if you lower them just to meet someone may actually make you feel worse in the end.

Try to turn the focus on to doing something that you enjoy and live life as best as you can. Just because the group is into dating right now does not mean that is best thing for you.  

Signed: TeenHealthFX