How Do I Make The Best of My Teen Years?

Published: March 29, 2021
Dear TeenHealthFX,
hi tfx, how do I make sure I make the best of my teen years? everyone always says that these are the best years of my life, and I want to make sure I don't waste them. and with covid and stuff, it's hard to do things like hanging with friends. so do you guys have any advice on how to make sure I make the best of my childhood?
Signed: How Do I Make The Best of My Teen Years?

Dear How Do I Make The Best of My Teen Years?,

TeenHealthFX understands how hard it is to try to live your best life right now. It has been especially hard due to the winter months and COVID. There are many things you can try to do to stay connected to your friends and still have a great childhood.

Here are some suggestions:

Set up zoom parties or group video chats with friends.

Create trivia games and do virtual viewing parties of movies.

Once the weather gets nice, have a socially distant hang out.

Try to find small things to be grateful for.

Spend quality time with family.

Start a hobby or learn a new skill.

Learn to play an instrument, learn to bake, create an app, the options are endless!

Sit outside. Enjoy the sunlight.

Create future plans.

Reach out to family and friends especially if you need help.

Remember you are not alone. Teens all over the world are facing the same challenges you are. Even though it can be challenging, try to stay positive.

Signed: TeenHealthFX