Could I Have Impregnated My Girlfriend With Leftover Semen?

Published: May 24, 2021
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Me and my girlfriend had protected sex using a condom yesterday. We went twice, with about an hour break in between and a brief shower. I have been stressing these past two days even though the odds are very low. Could I have impregnated her with leftover semen?
Signed: Could I Have Impregnated My Girlfriend With Leftover Semen?

Dear Could I Have Impregnated My Girlfriend With Leftover Semen?,

TeenHealthFX is happy to hear you and your girlfriend are taking the necessary precautions to practice safe sex. Based on the information you provided, there can be two scenarios:

If you used a new condom each time you had sex the chances are extremely low.  Condoms are 98% in preventing pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections when used correctly and on every sexual encounter.  

If you did not use a condom or reused the condom the second time you had sex, then the chance of pregnancy can be high. We recommend that your girlfriend track her period and if she misses it to take an at home pregnancy test. Condoms are made for one-time use and should never be reused. Doing so can result in a sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy.

TeenHealthFX would also like to mention the importance of always practicing safe sex. We encourage all teens to use condoms every time they engage in any type of sexual activity to reduce the chances of unplanned pregnancy and STIs. 

Signed: TeenHealthFX