I Have No Outlet for Anger. What Are Some Good Coping Mechanisms?

Published: August 30, 2022
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Hey tfx, I have no outlet for anger. For context, i just got frustrated by sth. So i was rlly mad, and i didnt rlly know what to do with that feeling, and i just punched the nearest thing that wouldnt break my knuckles: myself. I feel as if that is not a healthy way of dealing with anger, but i really dont know how else to. Usually i just sit there, not knowing what to do. Do you have any advice on how to not punch myself as a coping mechanism?
Signed: I Have No Outlet for Anger

Dear I Have No Outlet for Anger,

Let’s start this by saying something very important: You should never resort to harming yourself or others. That is not a healthy or safe outlet or coping mechanism.
We DO NOT condone self-harm or the harming of others.

Anger can be a difficult thing to work through, like many other emotions. To find an outlet that fits into something you enjoy or are interested in can be helpful, but it can seem tricky to figure out what that could be at first.

There are many types of outlets, for instance, going to the gym, running, or even getting involved in classes like boxing, yoga, and swimming for someone who enjoys being physical and athletic.
There are also outlets like art, music (both listening to and playing music), listening to a podcast that interests you, anything that interests you and helps you release those negative emotions in a safe and healthy way.

These outlets can be done alone or with a friend or trusted parent or guardian. It is also important that if you have these feelings or struggles to share them with a trusted parent, guardian, or doctor to help point you in the best direction most suited for you and any needs you may have.

If you are struggling to find an outlet or with your anger there are services that AHS offers that can help you find someone to talk with to help you through this, below is the link:
Pediatric Behavioral Medicine - Atlantic Health

Signed: TeenHealthFX