How Can I Be Sure My Body is Ready for Sex?

Published: May 09, 2023
Dear TeenHealthFX,
how can i be sure my body is healthy to have sex
Signed: How Can I Be Sure My Body is Ready for Sex?

Dear How Can I Be Sure My Body is Ready for Sex?,

Teenhealth FX wants to let you know that it is completely normal to be curious and the first step is educating yourself. Which you are doing, so that is great! 

Making sure your body is ready for sex is not only physical, but you also need to make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared. This is because having sex comes with some risks. First, we want to make sure that no one is being pressured into the act of sex. Everyone has the right to say ‘no’ and for that to be respected. 

Second, it is important to understand that your body should be protected from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which is a disease or infection passed from sexual contact caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Lastly, TeenHealthFX would like to mention the importance of practicing safe sex.  Not only does practicing safe sex prevent STDs, but it also protects against unwanted pregnancy.  

We encourage all teens to use condoms every time they engage in any type of sexual activity. You can lower your chances of unwanted pregnancy and giving or getting STDs by using condoms. Condoms are 98% in preventing pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections when used correctly and on every sexual encounter.    

If you have additional questions, we recommend reaching out to a parent or trusted adult. If you feel you need help finding a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the  Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at 973-971-5199 for an appointment with an adolescent medicine specialist.

Signed: TeenHealthFX