I Quit Vaping, What Happens Now?

Published: August 11, 2023
Dear TeenHealth FX,
I started vaping at 12 and have vaped for 1.5 years.I heard that vaping can cause things such as memory loss, lowers IQ and effecting learning. I have now quit.is it possible for my memory IQ and learning to go back to normal now I?ve quit?
Signed: I Quit Vaping, What Happens Now?

Dear I Quit Vaping, What Happens Now?,

Teenhealth FX wants to congratulate you for quitting vaping! Your body goes into quick fix mode when it realizes that nicotine is no longer in the body.  

Vaping affects the lungs and brain, especially after doing it for a while. For the brain, vaping causes “brain fog” which includes difficulty concentrating, having a harder time remembering things, a greater chance of anxiety / depression, nicotine addiction, and difficulty in decision – making.  

For our lungs, vaping causes inflammation and irritation to our airways, and a weak response to infection in our lungs. The good news is that our lungs go back to a normal level once nicotine has been out of the system for 12 hours, in 3 months your blood circulation will get better and in 9 months to a year your breathing, smell and taste will get better.  

For our brain, it will go through intense nicotine cravings the first few days but after 3 days it will improve. In a month you will feel your ‘brain-fog’ go away, attention improve, and memory get better!  

Be patient with yourself and if you need more help with the craving for nicotine then speak to your doctor! If you live in New Jersey, Atlantic Health System has a behavioral health has a program that can help and can be reached at 888-247-1400. Please visit this Teen – Smoke Free Website, for more information on quitting smoking.  

Signed: TeenHealth FX