If You Drink Sperm Can You Get Pregnant?

Published: February 05, 2024
Dear TeenHealth FX,
if you drink sperm can you get pregnant?
Signed: If You Drink Sperm Can You Get Pregnant?

Dear If You Drink Sperm Can You Get Pregnant?,

TeenHealth FX understands the confusion with this. You cannot get pregnant from drinking sperm. The only way to get pregnant is when sperm enters the vagina and goes through the reproductive system. To get pregnant the sperm must enter the vagina, where it will make its way to the egg and when they meet is when pregnancy can occur. 

Think of the ‘drinking sperm’ process as the same when your body processes food, the sperm will end up in your digestive system (where your body breaks down everything that goes through the mouth and breaks down our food in different parts of our body to get all the nutrients we need).

TeenHealth FX does want you to know that drinking sperm can lead to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Using a condom is the most effective way to prevent any STDs and making sure to have an honest conversation with your partner about each other's sexual health, as well as making sure you are comfortable with the action. 

If you have any more questions, please speak to a trusted adult or your doctor.  

Signed: TeenHealth FX