Why Is There A Blister On My Penis?

Published: February 10, 2024
Dear TeenHealth FX,
Blister on penis I?m a 17 year old boy and there is a noticeably large blister on my penis. I am so worried right now. I have never even had sex. This blister was there for a long time, but it wasn?t that much noticeable so I just ignored it. It wasn?t even hurting. But yesterday, it was scary to be honest. And it hurts when I touch it. As I recently migrated to a Europe country, I experienced my first experience of snow yesterday too. I don?t know if that has to do anything with the blister but I thought it would be good to inform it. I need a quick answer please.
Signed: Why Is There A Blister On My Penis?

Dear Why Is There A Blister On My Penis?,

TeenHealth FX understands your concern.  

Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose or treat online. We can only advise you to reach out to a parent and / or guardian and if you can, see a doctor.

Signed: TeenHealth FX