Is It Possible I Have HIV?

Published: May 15, 2024
Dear TeenHealth FX,
Hello, I have a scratch on my knee. 14h after I made that scratch, I received a nude massage from a women (Unknown HIV status). Pretty sure she rubbed her vagina on my 14hours-long scratch on my knee. What would be the risk of me getting HIV if she appeared to be HIV positive? Thank you for your response!
Signed: Is It Possible I Have HIV?

Dear Is It Possible I Have HIV?,

TeenHealth FX understands your concern. Unfortunately, we cannot diagnose or treat over the internet. If you are still concerned, we recommend going to your local urgent care, or primary care provider for more guidance and treatment. A doctor or healthcare professional who can see the scratch will be able to handle your situation. 

TeenHealth FX wants to remind you to always practice safe sex. A condom is the best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy, when used correctly and on every sexual encounter. If you have any more questions on how to prevent STDs and pregnancies, reach out to a healthcare professional or a trusted adult.

Signed: TeenHealth FX