How Do I Get My Mom To Trust Me?

Published: January 02, 2020
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I'm eighteen years old and female. My mom doesn't trust me to be alone for a day or two with my friends who live further away. (This includes my boyfriend, and it's only around an hour away.) How do I help her to understand that I'm an "adult" now and that she can trust me to not make stupid decisions?
Signed: How Do I Get My Mom To Trust Me?

Dear How Do I Get My Mom To Trust Me?,

Being a teenager can be very challenging. At times, gaining a parent's trust can be even harder. As you become a young adult, it can be difficult for parents to realize that you are growing up and can be trusted with more independence. 

TeenHealthFX recommends you have an open and honest conversation with your mother. It is important to tell her how you feel and why she should trust you to be able to go visit your friends. It may also be helpful to ask your mom what worries her specifically and how you both can work it out together. Let your mom know that her trust is very important to you and you would not want to do anything to break that trust. 

Good luck!

Signed: TeenHealthFX