Improve Your Study Habits

  1. Ask questions in class to make sure you understand the teacher.
  2. Take clear notes so you can review them later.
  3. Review your notes later. Rewrite them if they're messy or if it helps you to remember them.
  4. Study with friends, you can help each other.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask for extra help. Most teachers will be happy to help, and most schools offer some sort of tutoring program.
  6. Don't study in a setting with a lot of distractions.
  7. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses; taking a class way over your head will only make you feel bad about yourself.
  8. Don't cram the night before. Plan ahead, set up a study schedule.
  9. Everybody has different studying techniques, figure out what works for you.
  10. Ask a friend, parent/guardian, or sibling to test you on the subject.
  11. Compare notes with the other members of your class.
  12. If it helps you, ask your teacher if you can bring a tape recorder to class.