Things to Bring to College

  1. Mattress pad and bedding (Don’t forget to check the size of the bed)

  2. Under-the-bed storage

  3. Curtains if your dorm does not provide window coverage

  4. Laundry bag and detergent

  5. Extension cords, surge protectors and cables for any electronic devices you bring

  6. Earbuds in case you need to block out any noise while studying or relaxing

  7. Mini-fridge and/or microwave depending on what is allowed and what is provided

  8. Plate, bowl, cup and silverware

  9. A BPA-free water bottle – less expensive and better for the planet than buying tons of disposable water bottles

  10. Dish detergent and sponge

  11. Clothes that are appropriate for the climate where your school is

  12. Umbrella and a raincoat

  13. Workout gear

  14. Shower caddy and toiletries

  15. Shower shoes for the bathroom

  16. Something that reminds you of home

For a detailed list of items to bring, check out this Off-to-College Checklist. Be sure to coordinate with your roommate so you’re not doubling up on certain room items!