1. Plan a meal and make dinner together.
  2. Take advantage of the time of year and enjoy a seasonal activity together. For example, pumpkin picking in the fall or ice skating on a winter night can make for a great date!
  3. Take a drive down to the beach for the day. No matter what the time of year, a walk in the sand is always a refreshing change.
  4. Go for a hike or a bike ride outdoors.
  5. Volunteer in a community service project that you are both interested in together. Lending a helping hand to a good cause is always a satisfying way to spend an afternoon or evening.
  6. Head to the city for a day. From seeing a matinee to shopping or viewing a great art exhibit, no matter what you are interested in, there is no shortage of fun things to do there!
  7. Sports fans? Get tickets to a game and cheer for your favorite team. Or you could always watch a game together at home.
  8. Go to an amusement park for the day! You're never too old for a ride on a roller coaster!
  9. Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much, like surprising your boyfriend or girlfriend with flowers or candy.