Beaus Lines on My Toenails and Sick for Two Years

Published: September 25, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I have beaus lines on my toe nail I have been feeling really sick for 2 years no one believes me I feel really tired all the time weak and I get out of breath really easily and I get light headed I used to be able to unknot necklaces and now I get a headache its really hard to focus my eyes when reading and sometimes my hand feel tingly. I've been to like every doctor possible had blood test and they see nothing. could the beaus lines mean something because I haven't had like a sickness this year except for a cold in December. I'm 16 I'm at a healthy weight and I eat healthy.
Signed: Beaus Lines on My Toenails and Sick for Two Years

Dear Beaus Lines on My Toenails and Sick for Two Years,

Beau’s lines are deeply grooved lines that run from side to side on fingernails or toenails. They will be indentations in the nails, rather than just a line of color change (Muehrcke’s or Mees’ lines).

These grooves form due to temporary stopping of cells dividing in the nail matrix. The nail matrix is where nails grow from. There are many reasons for these lines to exist such as injury to the nail base (trauma, which can even include manicures), infection of the nail base, low calcium, various skin conditions (such as psoriasis), medications (such as chemotherapy drugs), or even malnutrition. They can become apparent after certain illnesses as well, like in Kawasaki disease due to high fevers. There is no treatment to get rid of Beau’s lines other than waiting for them to grow out, which will usually take about 6 months. They can get painful towards the end of them growing out, but should get better once they do.

As for your vision changes, TeenHealthFX recommends making an appointment with an eye doctor as headaches can happen from not being able to see well. As for the blood tests that have been done, without knowing what tests have been done and the results it is difficult for FX to suggest specific ways to proceed with this as there are many things that can cause you to feel lightheaded, have headaches, and feel very tired. FX can appreciate that it can be really frustrating to not have answers to these concerns that are impacting your day to day life. If you continue to have these other symptoms FX recommends that you continue to seek out answers with your doctors. If you feel a particular primary care physician or specialist has not helped you, then make an appointment with a new doctor, preferably a doctor which has been personally referred to you. And it is always helpful to bring all your previous tests and results to your doctor so they can know what they should do next for you.

If you don't have a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at 973-971-5199 for an appointment with an adolescent medicine specialist or contact your local teen health center. You can also contact your insurance company for a list of in-network providers.

Signed: TeenHealthFX