How Can I Help My Family Understand My Illness?

Published: November 06, 2018
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I have undiagnosed fibromyalgia, among other things. To me (who is living through the condition first-hand) it’s obvious that I should see a doctor about my symptoms. However, my guardian claims that I’m a hypochondriac and that I’m overreacting to things (gee, it’s almost as if fibro is literally a condition where your brain is incredibly sensitive to pain!). How can I help them to understand what I’m dealing with? Orange Flag
Signed: How Can I Help My Family Understand My Illness?

Dear How Can I Help My Family Understand My Illness?,

For our readers who may be unaware, fibromyalgia:

  • Is a chronic condition that causes pain in a person's muscles, joints, and other soft tissues.
  • Causes widespread pain— meaning the person feels pain all over his or her body.
  • Symptoms include: headaches, tenders spots and issues sleeping.


There is no cure for fibromyalgia, however TeenHealthFX suggests meeting with your adolescent medicine specialist so he/she can conduct a proper diagnosis and help treat any current pain. Your doctor can speak to your parents about your condition, as well as provide communication and coping skills for your family.

If you don't have a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at 973-971-5199 for an appointment with an adolescent medicine specialist or contact your local teen health center or Planned Parenthood. You can also contact your insurance company for a list of in-network providers.


TeenHealthFX recommends the following resources for additional information:

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