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How Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke Impacts Others

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
In regards to why marijuana smoking is bad. I'd like to point out that second hand smoke, be it marijuana or tobacco, affects those of us who are non-smokers. There is no controlling and choosing whether or not one wants to get exposed to second hand smoke. I've had second hand smoke drift into my own apartment building, and has made me very sick. This is an infrigement on other's right - a basic human right - to breathing fresh untainted air. Perhaps this can be incorporated into some of your material.
Signed: How Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke Impacts Others

Dear How Marijuana and Tobacco Smoke Impacts Others,


TeenHealthFX thanks you for your perspective, as we do think that it very important for people who make the choice to smoke to be aware of how their decisions are affecting others on top of how it affects their own bodies. While some people could maintain that it is their body and their choice of what they do to their own body, the fact is that it is not just their bodies alone being impacted by the various toxins that are present in whatever substance is being smoked - and that it is important to consider the friends, family members, and anyone else who is being unfairly affected.

Signed: TeenHealthFX